Welcome to the website of the American Subcontractors Association of Mississippi.

Founded in 1977, ASA of Mississippi is among the fastest growing trade associations for commercial and industrial subcontractors and material suppliers in the State of Mississippi. ASA of MS strives to assist its member firms with current job information, contract negotiations, educational resources, and help with local, state and/or federal agencies. ASA places the interests of subcontractors and material suppliers first, working hard to keep the government off your back and promoting its members to various business users (general contractors, business owners, architects, and engineers).

As Mississippi’s only Dedicated Organization for the Subcontractor and Supplier it is our pleasure to Support your issues and concerns like no other Join Today!! application or renewal

Lien Rights for Subs and Suppliers on the move!!! 

Learn more at the Luncheon; February 19th River Hills 12:00 noon and don’t forget BPI!!!

What is BPI ? First of all it is all first hand information in a strict confidential meeting. The focus is relaying perhaps the single most important aspects of our industry; payment- what general’s are doing right and those not doing so right, contract issues’s, bid shopping- any issue that you have experence first hand  all in a strict confidential setting.  BPI is your window into the problems and opportunities that our General Contractors- both good and not so good present for you the Subcontractor.  As we move towards the 2014 Legislative Session the construction industry will see significant changes in payment areas and on the heels of last months insight into leading causes in failed subcontractor and general contracting business BPI allows you to know have just a little more information contemplating your next contract.

Join us for the luncheon. For reservations or information email kreece@horne-llp.com